DX Awards

hr1-sAwards: I very much enjoy chasing after DX awards. I started collecting QSL cards in 1985 when I got back on the air. To that point I had not done any real DXing or even WAS for that mater.  I thought I would stop collecting QSL’s when I received the Basic WAS and DXCC awards. But NO, for some crazy reason I got hooked on chasing band slots and modes.

I have blown endless hours, effort, and money chasing DX and the needed qsl’s. All of this in an effort to become eligible to spend even more money to purchase the plaques listed below: Is that Crazy? No. That’s “DXing”


  • ARRL 6BWAS Award:  OK it’s the 5 Band WAS award. (+160 meter endorsement).  Spending some time on the air coupled with participation in the ARRL LOTW program can go a long ways in qualifying you for this award with minimal paperwork effort.


  • ARRL Triple Play Award #8: The Triple Play WAS (Worked All States) Award was made available to all amateurs worldwide who used Logbook of the World (LoTW) to confirm QSOs with each of the 50 states on voice, CW, and digital modes.  I received award #8 from the ARRL. This one is fun.


  • ARRL 5 Band DXCC: If your chasing this one, its too late for you to be saved. You are hooked.  Participation in the ARRL LOTW program can go a long way in qualifying you for this award with minimal paperwork effort.


  • ARRL DXCC Challenge: The DXCC Challenge Award is earned by working and confirming at least 1,000 DXCC band-points on any Amateur bands, 160 through 6 meters (except 60 meters). Endorsements are added for the 1500, 2000, and 2500 band country levels. My award was issue in 2006. I got my 2500 endorsement in 2015. There is a 3000 endorsement that many hams achieve and exceed. Me, I will be happy to make it to 2750 before I die.


  • ARRL DXCC Honor Roll: I’m Presently on the CW and Phone Honor Roll.  I’m working on RTTY at this time.


  • #1 DXCC Honor Roll:  I was awarded the #1 DXCC Honor Roll plaque in October of 2006. To qualify for the #1 DXCC Honor Roll, you must have confirmed all the DXCC entities that are on the current DXCC country list. I have all countries confirmed on SSB and only need 2 more countries on CW to achieve the #1 rating in that mode. I need North Korea (P5) and Marion Is.(ZS8) on CW.


Current Totals: Below is a breakdown of my current DXCC totals and link to NU8Z Band Table .

NU8Z DXCC Awards Summary (9-29-2016) 

 DX’ing Awards Links

NU8Z DXCC Summary
Worked Confirmed Verified
HR Mixed 339 339 339
HR Phone 339 339 339
HR CW 337 337 337
HR DIGI 308 303 301
Mixed 348 348 348
Phone 348 348 348
CW 345 343 343
RTTY 310 305 303
160M 119 116 114
80M 251 248 224
40M 302 301 295
30M 300 299 294
20M 347 347 347
17M 332 329 323
15M 344 341 336
12M 314 309 305
10M 326 323 316
6M 42 39 34
Band Countries 2634 2611 2574
Mode Countries 1003 996 994
Band/mode 3637 3607 3568
DXCC Challenge 2630 2606 2567