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Welcome to the NU8Z Website: Well, this website has been up for a couple of years now. Although I do enjoy playing around with computer and programming, I find that the desire to build my own website is not matched by the amount of work that is required on a continuous basis to keep it up to date. That being said, all of the news links on this site are automated and I have kept the bookmark links pretty much up to date. I will continue to keep the site up regarding my personal ham radio related adventures and will continue to add new and interesting links when I find them.

The main objectives of this website will remain as follows: 

  • Give me something that is computer related to play with!
  • Serve as a “one stop shopping” site for Ham Radio related news.
  • Pass on relevant DXing, General Operating and Contesting related information to others that may be interested.
  • Pass on items of interest and neat links to others
  • Discuss my experiences related to Ham Radio and DX operating from a small city lot.
  • Tell others a bit about myself, my station, my other interests, and what aspects of this great hobby I enjoy.

shack Nov 2015 New HF Radio & Amp: I recently replaced my Flex 5000 with a Flex 6300. It took a little getting use to, but in the end I decided that I really like this radio. The user interface of Smart SDR is very nice looking and very functional. I find the receiver to be as good or better than my Flex 5000. There is a very big improvement in the CW performance compared to the Flex 5000. The 6300 has full QSK that is smooth and quiet. No more latency and relay clicking! On the downside the new software does not have some of the features that were in the old PwrSDR software that is used with the Flex 5000.  The folks at Flex are adding new revisions and features.

I have interfaced a Berhinger CMD Micro Controller for knob tuning and radio function control. TheBerin Smart SDR software interfaces nicely with other third party programs via TCP/IP or the traditional CAT commands.  In addition to the new radio I also purchased an ACOM 1000 amplifier. I miss the auto band switching function of my THP HL-1.5KFX amplifier but this baby makes up for it.  Its built like a tank, super quiet and has full QSK.  It’s manual tune, but the tuning procedure is super easy. I also like the fact that it tunes a 3:1 swr with no problem and the amp is well protected against any senior moment mishaps.  My only rigs now are the Flex 6300 and my KX3 which I also like very much and use for QRP operation and travel.